MOpiS – Multiple Opinion Summarizer

This page demonstrates (in real-time) the MOpiS algorithm for multiple opinion summarization. MOpiS generates improved summaries of product reviews by taking into consideration metadata information that usually accompanies the on-line reviews. You can check the technical details in the following paper:

F. Kokkoras, E. Lampridou, K. Ntonas, I. Vlahavas, “MOpiS: a Multiple Opinion Summarizer“, in Proc. 5th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence, J. Darzentas et al. (Eds.) SETN 2008, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, LNAI 5138, pp.110-122, Syros, October 2-4, 2008.

We have removed the demo for maintenance!

You can try the algorithm in real time using the form below! It could take less or more time to get results, depending on the number of reviews. All review data is collected by DEiXTo in real-time and this is affected by network traffic. A delay of N/3 sec, where N is the number of reviews, is usual.

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select: monitors and inkjet printers. The URL we ask should look like this (this is a printer page – try it!):  but we need it like this:
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