“GUI DEiXTo” feature list

  • user friendly graphical interface – no programming required
  • enhanced, tree based, extraction rules (wrappers)
  • HTML tag filtering (sometimes, ignoring some tags makes life easier)
  • can sustain structural variations in HTML source code of the record instances
  • fast, flexible and high performance tree pattern matching algorithm
  • most of the time, 100% precision and recall can be achieved
  • automatic simple form submission
  • multi-record, multi-page, many-urls extraction modes
  • regular expression support
  • can follow “Next Page” links with adjustable crawling depth
  • can create RSS feeds from any web source
  • can export results to XML and tab delimited formats
  • can extract text, URLs and html source code
  • XML encoded wrapper project files (.wpf) – can be executed at will
  • wrapper files are compatible with DEiXTo Executor
  • command line execution to schedule extraction tasks with MS Scheduler
  • last but not least, it’s freeware!

“DEiXTo Executor” feature list

  • portable, efficient and fast command line executor of GUI DEiXTo wrappers
  • provides options and flexibility that you cannot get with GUI DEiXTo
  • supports additional output formats such as CSV, Excel and OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods).
  • provides database support via DBI (the Database independent interface for Perl) and a dbconfig file
  • supports HTML output using an HTML template processor and an editable template file
  • command line options can override those in wpf files
  • overwrite, append and prepend output modes for all supported formats
  • proxy support
  • can be scheduled to execute wrappers automatically (e.g. using cron in GNU/Linux)
  • can sleep random time intervals between http requests to avoid making webmasters mad..
  • it is free and open source, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3!


“I have done an extensive search on the internet to find something just like DEiXTo! I am very glad that I have found it! It is very easy to use and understand – even for non-programmers like me. I only want to do one single – but big – scaping task. After the DEiXTo Team solved some extraordinary character problems for me – many thanks guys – I will now be able to fulfill this task in the next one or two days. I am looking forward to the results!”

Jens S.

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