Selenium: a web browser automation companion for DEiXTo

selenium-logoSelenium is a suite of free software tools aiming at web browser automation. Its  functionality-rich client API can be used to launch browser instances (Firefox processes) and simulate almost everything a user could do on a web page. However, as scraping experts, we focus on using Selenium for web data extraction purposes.

More specifically, Selenium enables DEiXTo to handle modern sites that make heavy use of AJAX calls. In such situations, Selenium could fetch a target page after a couple of automated steps (like clicking a button or hyperlink, selecting an item from a drop-down list, submitting a form, etc.), and then pass it to DEiXToBot to do the scraping job, with the usual engagement of a well-engineered extraction rule built in GUI DEiXTo. We have used Selenium with DEiXTo quite a few times and the outcome was great.

You can read more in our blogger post.

Check also Free Selenium Tutorials at Guru99.

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I am a lecturer @ University of Thessaly, Greece
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